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The band players roll now totals around 100 members with an average age of 53 & median 50 years (range between 18 & 79) respectively. The band would like to hear from more people who think they would like to join us, especially those aged 18-30; but if you are older, we still want you!

We have already attracted a number of younger members amongst our new recruits. We are especially pleased that since 2012, members of both the Newport Stedfast Band and Halifax BB Old Boys Association have joined us.

Practice Venues

We manage to meet regularly at either the BB HQ at Felden (Central, East & South East members) near Hemel Hempstead or TA Center Worcester (Central, North & Western members), RAF Halton & STEAM at Swindon for massed practices. A new venue at Loughborough has been added too.

We are always looking for further interesting central locations to help band members, who are widely dispersed to join us relatively easily. We usually have a meal together and take time for socialising.

For further information on joining the band please Contact us.

Please see our Diary for dates of full band practice sessions. As band members live far and wide, we try where possible to have a number of local practice centers in addition to 'all' meeting together periodically.

Logo: The band at Gloucester in September 2013

"When you get to a certain age, thoughts inevitably turn to happy days of the past. The Boys' Brigade was an important element in my youth, providing the guidance, support, friendship and training which helped to shape me in my formative years. One of the best aspects was playing in the bugle band. What a brilliant idea, therefore, to form a band of those enthusiastic old boys who remember with gratitude what the BB did for them, and who would like to put a little something back. Thank you, Stedfast Association, for giving me the chance to play and march again!"
Ian T. Ex 1st Thurso & 73rd London
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