The band uniform is as follows:

  • Glengarry with 'blue hackle' and either a BB Officers or Stedfast hat badge
  • Black 'NATO style' wool pullover with V-Neck
  • BB Epaulette badges as shown in summer photo
  • White pilot shirt
  • Stedfast Association tie - double Windsor knot
  • Raincoat as shown in winter photo
  • White gloves
  • Black trousers (with current BB Pattern belt or braces)
  • Black shoes or boots with toecap.
  • Black laced, flat shoes for ladies
  • Black socks for men, black tights for ladies
  • Black A-Line skirt for ladies
  • Long hair to be worn up (both sexes)
  • Orders Decorations & Medals may be worn at discretion of recipient.
  • No BB badges to be worn on public appearances.

Some items of uniform can be provided through the Adjutant or Quartermasters, whilst accessories such as Stedfast hat badges, hackles, epaulette rank slides & Glengarry's may be ordered from Phil Macefield at The Marching Band Shop.


Photo credit: Richard Newman


Photo credit: Richard Newman


Photo credit: Facebook Image


If you require band/parade information please contact Roy Meadows (Adjutant) at adjutant@badotsa.co.uk, or for website contact please email info@badotsa.co.uk.

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